Teaching & Learning French as a Foreign Language

With 70 Language centers and 580 Teachers of French as a Foreign Language, the Alliance Française largely contributes to promoting and developing French in the United States. Against few misconceptions, the number of students of French is all but increasing in the USA.

The Alliance Française is ideally positioned to meet an ever-changing demand: group and private classes, corporate seminars, Business and Legal French, after-school programs, summer camps, support to public school Districts... the domains of applications for the French as a Foreign Language vary according to most diverse human and social circumstances.

French as a Foreign Language Teacher's work is rendered all the more fascinating and challenging: one must constantly adapt their savoir-faire to new audiences and maintain their expertise level up-to-date with the latest pedagogical practices and resources.

The Délégation générale vows to help the Alliance Française schools by all means available.

Connected to its network, the Délégation générale means to facilitate the concertation among the educational Directors and encourage the dialogue with the Alliance Française de Paris International School.

Your direct interlocutor at the Délégation générale for anything regarding the teaching of French is Carlos Tabernero

Délégation générale de l’Alliance Française aux Etats-Unis

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